Dear friends of CHOW CHOW, if you are reading this website, it means that you are interested about the same wonderful breed as we.

The CHOW CHOW lives in our house from 1990 in following kennels – KORIKA and OD KLENOVSKÉ DRÁHY. This place is situated almost the middle of Czech Republic, in a beautiful setting of Drahanská vrchovina and near the city Olomouc, village Otaslavice.

Our dogs are all the time the best friends for us and  members of our family. It means that they lives with us, in our house, yard and garden , where they have unrestricted access. They aren´t in the hutch for dogs, because our dogs loves freedom and we loves them for their temperament.

The founders of our breeding was two ladies – RILLI ZUMAKO and QUAYA ZUMAKO – from our dear friend Mr. Jaroslav Reška (the kennel ZUMAKO) who isn´t with us already. By this way we would like to say him many thanks for his invaluable advice and friendship. The breeding has been extended about their prosterity  FLIP and FEISY KORIKA, CORRY OF MAULE, URSI ZUMAKO, CASSIS KORIKA, LIČI KORIKA, AZI and CORA OD KLENOVSKÉ DRÁHY and our other dogs.

We strive for good health of each of our dogs, without genetic defects, with strong bones and massive head.

In our breeding you can find longhaired and shorthaired individuals in all various colors that are described in the standards. Puppies are born in colors as red, cream, cinnamon, black and blue also.

On this website we present our breeding and knowledge that we have gained over the years. We will be very pleased, if our findings can serve to other breeders.

Hana Gregorová – KORIKA                                                                   Petr Přecechtěl – Od Klenovské dráhy